Simply Duets

Songs and tunes for more than one instrument & call and response songs for Appalachian Dulcimer
How To Use This Book

Let's start with why I wrote Simply Duets. I found that playing a song with other musicians is fun. But playing harmony, a descant, chord backup, pentatonic scales, bass runs, arpeggiated chords, chop chords, and all of the other lovely ways to complement the melody is what makes music fun and challenging for me. To that end I wrote various songs in duet style. There is a melody page and some harmony pages. There are what I call 'call and response' songs, like Get Up and Bar the Door. Many players don't know there is another way to play along with a song. It is my hope in writing this book, that I can inspire players to find another place to play the melody, a harmony, or just some fun back-up to challenge their skills and make a more lovely sound when playing with others.

How Many Ways Are There To Playa Song?

In this book you will find:

  • Some songs with melody and harmony
  • Some with melody, harmony and arpeggiating (fingerpicking)
  • Some songs with a 'call and response'
  • Chords to back up a melody
    • Chords in three positions on the fretboard
    • Chop chords
    • Chord runs
    • Arpeggiated chords
    • Chord progressions
    • Diamond chords
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Cheating off the Guitar player using photos and schematics
  • Singing and playing

One of the "Simply" series, for novice level and beyond. All songs are in DAD tuning, some capo required. Standard notation and tablature, lyrics, and chords. 120 pages.

All The Good Times America, The Beautiful
Auld Lang Syne Aura Lee
Blessed Quietness Blind Mary
Chord Back Up, Styles Chord D-A-D
Chord Fingerpicking & Arpeggiating Chord In Three Areas
Chord Progression Chord Runs
Chord Shape Finder Dixie
Down In the Valley Key of D Down In the Valley Key of G
Down In the Willow Garden Down The Brae
Fire Song Get Up And Bar the Door
Goin' Home Good Old Man
Guitar/Dulcimer Chords I'll Give My Love An Apple
I've Got Peace Like A River Jesus, Won't You Come By Here?
Lavender's Blue Lavender's Blue Arpeggiated
Midnight Garden My Dear Old Buffalo Boy
New River Train Ode To Joy
Paper Of Pins Playing With Others
Sabbath Home Shenandoah
Soul's Sweet Home Southwind
Spanish Is A Loving Tongue There's A Hole In The Bucket
There's A Long, Long Trail There's More Pretty Girls
True Lover's Farewell Waltzing Matilda
Water Is Wide Where Will I Shelter My Sheep?

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