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Introducing Maureen Sellers

Maureen received her first dulcimer for Christmas, 1989. She has studied dulcimer with the finest teachers in the world since that time. Maureen also is intensely interested in researching the instrument's history and the culture from which it came.

For more than ten years, Maureen has taught classes and workshops in the Appalachian dulcimer to hundreds of students in more than sixteen states. Covering both how-to-play and the history of the instrument, Maureen brings an enthusiastic and down-to-earth approach to the amateur musician. She utilizes mnemonics and visualization in her teaching style.

Maureen's style and music preferences for the dulcimer are varied. Coming from a childhood exposed to Big Band music, rock and roll, classical, and folk music, she loves almost every type of music. Utilizing the wonderful drones of the dulcimer, Maureen plays traditional music from the Appalachian and Ozark mountains. She also flatpicks songs to create waves of arpeggios that pull the listener into the music. Sing-alongs are interspersed in both her classes and performances. Gospel and sacred music are featured in her classes and concerts.

Maureen approaches both her workshops and performances with a warmth and sense of humor that makes the student and audience feel at ease. She creates a comfortable and creative atmosphere for learning.

  • Private lessons, as available.
  • For bookings, call 812-945-9094
  • Let me Teach your Group to play for Church Services!
  • Book/Workshop Reviews

    "... Returning by popular demand! ...a fun and accomplished teacher!" - Central Mississippi Dulcimer Association Newsletter

    "I love your books! It's like I have been waiting for them for years!" - Jon, Christ Episcopal Church, Avon, CT

    "You were g-g-g-reat! I'm sure you sensed the ladies' response to your program and you, yourself. It was a move test!" - Gin Curry, The Compass Club, Louisville, KY

    "...your talent, warmth and enthusiasm made it a great week for all of us. You are a great player." - David Schnaufer, Adjunct Professor of Dulcimer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

    Dulcimer Books and Recordings


    Simply ... books

    Maureen developed her line of books using the "Simply" concept in 1997 with Simply Remembered. After using many books as she learned to play Appalachian dulcimer, Maureen decided her books would be written 'Simply,' using one tuning. A capo may be needed sometimes. But the 'Simply' concept alerts buyers and players that no retuning will be necessary. Since 1997 Maureen has written seven more books relying on the word 'Simply' to assure players that they were buying another great book of songs and tunes.

    Maureen has written nine dulcimer instruction books:

    To order any of these items contact Maureen

  • Simply Remembered
  • Simply Gospel One
  • Simply Gospel Two
  • Simply Gospel Three
  • Simply Duets
  • Songs of the Civil War
  • The Fretboard Companion Book
  • My Teaching Book for Appalachian Dulcimer Volume One
  • My Teaching Book for Appalachian Dulcimer Volume Two
  • Simply Christmas
  • As well as four different chord charts
  • Recordings Mrs. Sellers has performed for PBS radio and Louisville and Lexington, KY television. A new instructional book with companion tape or CD has just been released.

    Workshop Topics

    As you can see there are many topics to choose from. You may blend, mix and match. I teach individual workshops or week long events. I also do day long, continuous, intense workshops by skill level-Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. If I can be of help to you or your group, please contact me!

    • All workshops will be taught in D-A-D tuning unless a different tuning is requested. Beginner Level-Basic strum, tune and mnemonics to help students learn the rudiments of timing painlessly.
    • Novice Level- Just beyond Beginners Level. Participants already know how to tune and play a couple of songs. In Novice Level students learn to play chords, some more songs and start on some fiddle tunes. Sing along songs are included too.
    • Intermediate Level- Students are exposed to hammer-on, pull-offs, slides, fingerpicking, flatpicking, arpeggios and learn to play by ear.
    • Advanced Level- Students learn how to arrange music. Also are exposed to Ensemble work and how to present a successful program. All levels include some history and the culture of the dulcimer and the songs that are taught. Gospel Songs-All levels from Novice and up. Foot-tappin' songs!
    • Hymns-All levels from Novice and up. Beautiful hymns presented with several verses.
    • Civil War Songs from my book Songs of the Civil War. Novice and up. Playing Smoothly and With Confidence-All levels from Novice and up. Tips and secrets to playing to your potential.
    • Performance Helps and Techniques-Slaying the Stage Fright Dragon and how to put together a great set. Also how to get jobs.
    • Add Some Speed to Your Playing- Novice Level and Up. Using effective fingerings for speed. Also discuss actual physical helps to better playing.
    • Singing and Playing- Novice Level and Up. Come see how easy it can be to sing and play. Using three basic chords, you can back yourself up to play lots of songs!
    • Learn To Play By Ear! - Yes, you can! In one workshop students learn basic concept of playing by ear. Paper and pencils needed! We'll have a song by the end of class.
    • Flatpicking and/or Fingerpicking- Basic technique of both styles of playing.
    • Fills and Other Fancy Doo-dads- Learn how and when to add arpeggios to the songs you already play. Working on lead-ins and tags, slides, hammers and pulls to make a cool sound.
    • Contemporary Songwriters Music-Lovely new tunes written by folks in the dulcimer world. Used by permission.
    • Capo Work-Proper use and placement of a capo. How and why it is used.
    • Ensemble Playing-Novice level and up. A part for every level player. One song in several parts. How to add zip to a song by the use of all parts of the fretboard.
    • Playing Backup-Novice and up. Players learn how to play some place other than the melody when playing with others. Chord work to the max!
    • The Art of Jamming-How to "know" all the tunes that are played. How to know what key 'they' play in. Knowing when to join in. Includes Cheatin' Off the Guitar Player.
    • Beginnings, Middles and Endings-Using one tune, learn how to vary the song for playing several times.
    • Writing Your Own Tablature-ls the one song you really want to play copyrighted? Come learn how to make tablature for a song for your own enjoyment. Two "Cheat Sheets" make it easy!
    • Some Fine Fiddle Tunes, Spotted Pony, Oldham Rant, Britches Full of Stitches, Black Mountain Rag, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Columbus Stockade Blues and more. Songs of Me Sea-Eddystone Light, Jamaica Farewell and others. Wear your nauti- cal attire for a stage performance.
    • Song. and Ballads From Smithville, TN, Neosho, MO and other places- Bal- lads, hymns, gospel and more from old books, recordings and field trips.
    • Polishing A Song-Using a tune you already know, polish it with some extra attention. Learning to play with conviction, dynamics and pleasure.
    • Chords-Wow! This is where it all 'is at!' Learn chords all over the fretboard. Learn to recognize the chord name by its shape.
    • Basic Playing Tips and Other Stuff I Learned the Hard Way- When to replace strings. How to take care of the instrument. Playing in hot, humid weather. String gauges and how to put on new strings. Type and weight of pick to use. Playing with a noter. Use tape and pencils for a different percussive sound. Dampening the strings. Lots of fun stuff to try. Beginners and up.
    • Playing With Others For Paid or Non-Paid Gigs- Things to consider: How much to charge, what to play, how to be seated in a group, how many times to play a song, putting to gether a hot set list, how to mic your performance, and much more.

    For more information regarding ordering books, booking or private lessons, contact: Maureen Sellers
    4708 Corydon Pike
    New Albany, IN 47150